Scheduled maturity date

Adjustment date, the date on which the interest rate changes for looking for women from Vienna an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM).
The subordinate loan has a claim to payment in a foreclosure only after the first mortgage is paid.Credit limit The maximum amount you can borrow under a line of credit.Appraisal or appraised value, an informed estimate of the value of a property.Freddie Mac A government-sponsored enterprise that buys and securitizes mortgages for resale in the secondary market.Closing costs Closing costs, also known as settlement costs, are the costs incurred when obtaining your loan.Collateral An asset, such as a car or a home, used for securing the repayment of a loan.
The news release announcing such conversion right was issued on February 12, 2018 and can be viewed on sedar or Manulifes website.
What-if analysis An affordability analysis that is based on a what-if scenario.
Secured loans Loans for which the borrower gives the lender a lien on property such as an automobile, boat, other personal property or real estate that will serve as collateral for the loan.
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A 2- to 4-unit property is not eligible for second home status.
FHA home loan A mortgage that is insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA).Changes in the.S.Combined liens The outstanding balance of all mortgages held on a property.Prearranged refinancing agreement A formal or informal arrangement between a lender and a borrower where the lender agrees to offer special terms (such as a reduction in the rate or closing costs) for a future refinancing as an inducement for the borrower to enter into.Donate to our piano scholarship fund by doing what you usually do: search, eat and shop!Clear title Titles that are marketable and are free of liens or disputed legal questions as to ownership of the property.