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We not only witness Najibullahs personal evolution through Carriers own, but the story also gives the listener new stakes for pushing past their own limitations.
The ladies didnt pump the brakes when they landed an interview with Hillary Clinton, asking her if she thought Bill Clinton fucked things up for black people during his presidency.Andersons appearance on WTF places everything that is compelling about Marons podcast in a box with a floppy bow: conversation as a manic tug-of-war tell-all, and local fetes sussex Marons compulsive plunge into what drives a person to pursue an artists life.Entire Charles Mansons Hollywood series, highlighting Charles Mansons Hollywood Part 3: The Beach Boys, Dennis Wilson, and Manson the Songwriter by You Must Remember This You Must Remember This gives listeners an outlet for indulging in the Golden Age of Hollywood.Right from the start, the show proved to be whip smart on gender issues and racial politics, and it didnt take long for hosts Tracy Clayton and Heben Nigatu to turn their podcast into a serious cultural affairs showall without sacrificing its signature frivolity.Its an interesting enough little story, but its the quiet, wistful scoring and careful attention to detail that elevates this account from a textbook footnote to a timeless tale about the human desire to find meaning in our lives.Both prove that deep thinking need not be verbal, and that words arent the only path to love, sorrow, or even self-actualization.Her social media savvy helped her track down sources in an unprecedented way, and, in so doing, alerted the world of the fact that one vapid Western preoccupationTwitterhad been commandeered for much darker purposes.
But that doesnt mean it isnt occasionally exceptional.
While facing unemployment, she got started on her own idea: a blog, and then podcast, that would have the kinds of entrepreneurship discussions she wanted to hear but couldn't find.
White-collar criminals on the East Coast used to be sent to a place that housed a different type of inmate, one that, unlike White and his nonviolent inmates, had no desire to get out.
Hypnotic and nostalgic, this episode finds its cadence in the rhythm of Caribbean waves off the coast of Mexico.Many of the guests on the show were the first black women to do something in their field, Matthews said.Shes enlisted her partner to reexamine the tryst, too, adding to the aching complexity of this missed connection.Entanglement by Invisibilia The show hosts Lulu Miller and Alix Spiegel shatter all the known rules of the universe in the first 10 minutes of Entanglement, proving the interconnected nature of the world, down to the atom level.And it allows me to associate myself with some pretty fantastic people!What exactly sent Bergdahl packing is the subject of the season debut, and listeners will be spellbound by the shows signature narrative style and disquieting details.Hosted by Franklin Leonard, the man behind the legendary collection of unproduced screenplays known as the Black List, the show gambles on the idea that these scripts can come to life through solid voice acting.Najibullah in America by Home of the Brave The consummate pro Scott Carrier may be the indie bad boy of the old-school audio world, but that doesnt mean his outlet Home of the Brave lacks vulnerability in his work or shine on the finish.Birthstory is the culmination of a years worth of reporting and a welcomed demonstration of how much the listener benefits when show producers dont try to shoehorn their findings into a tidy narrative just for the sake of a prettier package.

Grace of the Sea is all about the memories people hold most dear.